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Production Process

The premium quality refractory dome is made of superior quality products and can reach a cooking temperature of 350°C - 400°C while keeping the external walls cool to the touch.

The installation of our pizza ovens is quick and easy. The oven will be ready for use in only a few days after installation and cure of the oven.

How do I cure my pizza oven?
This procedure is necessary before making any large fires in the oven and to prolong the oven's longevity.
Burn 4-5 small fires inside the oven in different positions, using dry wood.
Repeat this during the course of 2-3 days.

How to build a fire in your pizza oven:
This should only be done once you have done the curing of the oven.
Start by building a small fire with dry wood at the back or side of the oven, slowly adding more wood just to keep the flames going.
Too much wood will create more smoke that will overwhelm the oven and chimney.
Your oven heat will be ready for cooking in about 2 hours.
Speed up the process by following the same fire procedure, but in the middle of the oven.
After about 30 minutes, the oven floor will heat up and the fire can be moved to the back of the oven.
Quickly clean the center area with a feather duster and its ready to cook.
Only add wood to keep the flames going.

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Experiment with your oven
Traditional wood burning pizza ovens are ideal to cook various kinds of dishes.Experiment with meats, roasts, casserole dishes, bread and even cakes.

Minor Cracks
It is normal for your oven to show minor cracks during its lifespan, although it is designed to withstand severe heat.This can occur due to the normal heating and cooling process during usage of the oven and will not compromise its longevity or performance.

Composition of Pizza Oven

Pizza oven composition

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