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Home Entertainment has never been so Tasty!

You can now enjoy the taste of true Italian homemade pizza without even leaving home.
We have manufactured pizza ovens in Italy since 1962 and then moved to
South Africa to continue locally since 1972. Many of our ovens are still in use in Italy!
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Peppino offers a great range of pizza ovens to fit any entertainment area or restaurant kitchen. Any size pizza oven can also be manufactured to your requirements.

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The premium quality refractory dome can reach a cooking temperature of 350°C - 400°C while keeping the external walls cool to the touch. The installation of our pizza ovens is quick and easy.

ovens testing
All our ovens are tested to 800 °C even though the minimum temperature needed to cook your pizza is only 350 - 400 °C. This ensures they can withstand the heat needed when using your oven. 

pizza recipe
Try out out pizza dough recipe. Use your pizza oven for other dishes, such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. It is the perfect substitute for your conventional kitchen oven.

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